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SixRev Ultimate Guide to the New Facebook Page Design

Recently, Facebook rolled out a major overhaul of their Pages. We studied the new design extensively to see what was new and improved. .. » more

SixRev Announcement: Winners of Hosting Plans from

Zyma, an excellent web hosting company, offered up 15 free 2-year hosting plans in a recent Six Revisions giveaway. The giveaway, with .. » more

SixRev Glossy: Free Icon Set

This free icon set has 20 high quality semi-transparent and glossy icons. The package also includes 48 derivative icons of the 20 .. » more

SixRev Situational Design for the Web

During the browser wars, interesting problems presented themselves to the web design community. Many web professionals resorted to .. » more

SixRev User-Friendly SEO

Some web designers (and many web content writers) view on-page SEO as a necessary evil to an effective content strategy on the web. .. » more

WD Depot Ethics in the Design Field

Every profession has its own set of ethical guidelines most of its members adhere to. And while the design industry’s code of .. » more