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DYT The Land Rover S1 Phone Incredibly Tough

Campaign for Land Rover S1 Phone by the agency Y&R Lima, RKCR/Y&R, London, UK. More at cuded dtsv.dtse_post_102260_permalink = .. » more

DYT Post St. Valentine’s Day

For those o think St. Valentine is just to lame, and get sick when in front of a ton of hearts!! designer website .. » more

DYT Federation X Amsterdam

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DYT Paintings by Louis Aston Knight

Source Read more » dtsv.dtse_post_102248_permalink = ''; .. » more

DYT Majestic Interior Design

Part of a fab life is no doubt a nice crib. What do you think about the one below? Or is that too much? Nah, it’s never too much .. .. » more

DYT The Walking Dead by Laz Marquez

After a long hiatus, Graphic Designer, Laz Marquez brings us a print inspired by AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’… To check out more .. » more