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LovelyPckg Merum Estates

Designed by Manifesto Design | Country: Australia “Merum means ‘pure and unadulterated’ in latin. Merum Estate .. » more

LovelyPckg Nooka x Karim Rashid

Designed by Nooka & Karim Rashid | Country: United States “Fashion brand, Nooka Inc. and innovative designer Karim .. » more

LovelyPckg Lovely Stationery, There’s More to Love!

Today we’re launching our first addition to the Lovely family, Lovely Stationery. As we’ve done with Lovely Package, we aim .. » more

LovelyPckg Lorem Wine

Designed by Alex Macsoda | Country: Romania “Lorem Wine is a very special project, because I’ve designed it .. » more

LovelyPckg Stumptown

Designed by The Official Manufacturing Co. | Country: United States “After almost a decade of stickered coffee bags, .. » more

Lookslike Packaging by Progress Packaging

Impressive Packaging Design by Progress, a Packaging Specialists from England. Progress Packaging © Jonas Kamber, LooksLikeGoodDesign .. » more