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Inspired Amazing Illustrations by Sokolova Katarina

This is a guest post by Steven Atuah – a freelancer web designer and active in pursuing any inspiration work. He runs Cuded, a .. » more

Inspired Meet QualiThemes – The WorPress Themes Search Engine

In the last few months we've been working pretty hard to bring a new site to life: a neat WordPress themes search engine that will help .. » more

Inspired We’re Loading Faster And So Can You: Win Stellar Hosting from WebHostingBuzz

In the last few months our audience grew a lot and as you would expect the traffic is booming! That’s super cool but managing all .. » more

Inspired New Infographic: A Comprehensive History of Computers

Lets sit back and think about what life was like before computers were everywhere. You actually had to send letters via the postal .. » more

Inspired Typography-Based Designs of Music Album Covers – Inspiring Examples

Often, all that’s needed to create a killer album cover is unique and inspired typographical elements. There are various examples .. » more

SixRev 8 Excellent WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is one the most popular tools for publishing content on the web. Everything from e-commerce websites to blogs can be .. » more